Global Advice

How it works

Guidance is provided in various ways, proactively or responding to the knowledge of existing needs. Partnership’s staff searches for US-based private donors, foundations, and other organizations that support compatible projects and programs in the appropriate geographical area.  Although we work very closely with the missions in Zambia and Tijuana, Mexico, we also respond to the needs of other Oblates around the world.

Additionally, we conduct workshops to initiate religious men and women in the skills of raising funds. Our recommendations include assistance in grant writing and reporting, as well as in management and supporting documentation.

We have assisted and advised the following countries or Oblate missions in their efforts to obtain funding for their projects:

 Bangladesh, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Uruguay, Angola, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Congo, South Africa, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Vietnam. Oblate projects and initiatives in the United States, such as Youth Sing Praise, Catholicism in a secular society, and La Vista Ecological Initiative.

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